TUSD Whistleblowers


All letters from the TUSD Whistleblowers can be found below:

  1. HT Sanchez gets called out by TUSD administrators: An open letter
  2. TUSD Administrators vs HT Sanchez: Round 2 (Open letter)
  3. Third scathing open letter to HT Sanchez and Board from TUSD Admin and Teachers
  4. Fourth Open Letter From TUSD Administrators: The Factual State of TUSD 2015
  5. Fifth Letter from TUSD Admin: Board Fostering Anger and Attacks
  6. TUSD Whistleblowers 6th Letter calls out District Fools: The SGFJ
  7. TUSD Whistleblowers: It is hell working for Heliodoro – HT Sanchez and his flagrant lies
  8. TUSD Whistleblowers: HT’s narcissism, Cam Juarez’s cowardice and Retaliation
  9. Whistleblowers: The TUSD Tunnel Gets Darker and Bleaker
  10. TUSD: Got Ethics? Whistleblowers reveal “Top 1010 List” of HT’s Failures
  11. TUSD Whistleblowers: What do HT Sanchez and Donald Trump have in common?
  12. TUSD Whistleblowers: HT Sanchez’s continued role in school district’s downward demise
  13. TUSD Whistleblowers: HT Sanchez caught with pantalones down on video
  14. TUSD Whistleblowers: Palo Verde High School lockdown is evidence of system unraveling
  15. TUSD Whistleblowers expose HT Sanchez and “his perpetual lies”
  16. Is it time for HT Sanchez to resign as TUSD Superintendent?
  17. The BIG Chill- A Witch Hunt by Salem Sanchez and the Attempted Destruction of Desegregation
  18. HT Sanchez has been very naughty, deserves coal in his stocking
  19. TUSD Whistleblower letter: Is Kristel Foster a Mean Girl?
  20. TUSD Whistleblowers: HT Sanchez is off to a great STOP in 2016
  21. Whistleblowers: Exposing HT’s Lies, Pueblo Principal’s Perpetual Absence and more
  22. Whistleblowers: The Catastrophic State of TUSD
  23. Whistleblowers: Response to HT’s staged State of TUSD, SALC’s mean girl Kristel Foster re-emerges
  24. Disguised Democrats fighting Desegregation: TUSD’s Kristel Foster announces re-election campaign
  25. TUSD Whistleblowers: Fostering the Truth, Violations of Open Meetings Laws
  26. Discipline problems and more retaliation by HT Sanchez at TUSD: Whistleblowers speak out
  27. TUSD Whistleblowers on Fostering Campaign Lies, and is HT Sanchez busted?
  28. Whistleblowers: Toughest year in TUSD, Discipline & Desegregation, Chaos by Kristel & Cam
  29. Whistleblowers: Kristel and Cam take credit for creation of CRC, corrupt greed of HT Sanchez
  30. Whistleblowers: Abuse of power continues from TUSD board, Cronyism pays off
  31. Whistleblowers: Kristel’s Delusions Damage TUSD, Discipline, HT’s corrupt relationship with TEA
  32. Whistleblowers: TUSD Corruption and TEA Racism
  33. Whistleblowers: TEA is ripping off TUSD teachers big time!
  34. Whistleblowers: Kristel Foster is Delusional, Cam Juarez campaign is idle
  35. Whistleblower Insight on Recent Governing Board Meeting Agenda Items RE: Palo Verde and Booth Fickett
  36. TUSD Whistleblowers: Stop the corrupt pay-to-play CAMpaign contributions, teachers at Pueblo left to fester under Foster
  37. Whistleblowers: TUSD Brutalizes and Villainizes an Assault Victim- A Teacher; TUSD Complains About Media that Exposes the Facts
  38. Whistleblowers announce their endorsements for TUSD board
  39. Whistleblowers: “Today is a Remarkably DISGRACEFUL Day for TUSD” as Utterback Parents cry out for help while HT Sanchez destroys Magnet Schools
  40. TUSD Whistleblowers: Drain the TUSD Swamp- RID TUSD Board of the Dangers of Kristel Foster
  41. Missing
  42. Whistleblowers: Low-down DES-PER-ATION of Kristel Foster, Cam Juarez and Raul Grijalva’s Progeny
  43. Missing
  44. Whistleblowers: More tragedy at Pueblo HS, Sedgwick calls out wimpy Cam Juarez, Ann Eve defends current regime
  45. Whistleblowers: Incompetent Board Members, Foster and Juarez, continue to enable an incompetent superintendent
  46. Whistleblowers: Incompetent board members Kristel and Cam enable an incompetent superintendent
  47. Whistleblowers: Post-election shenanigans in TUSD, is change really coming?
  48. Whistleblowers have had it with mean girls on TUSD Board, Magnet Schools and advice for new board
  49. Whistleblowers: Ochoa, Pueblo, Prop 301, anti-MALDEF Kristel, and Audits

Open letter to the TUSD Whistleblowers

One of the TUSD board members becomes a “whistleblower” in November 2015:

TUSD Strikes Back: