TUSD teachers get first paychecks today without contracts

This is a message sent to TUSD board members today about the latest debacle in Tucson’s largest school district.

Teachers got their 1st paychecks today, but they still haven’t gotten their contracts. They have no word from TUSD on when they’ll see their contracts. No word on what they will be paid this year!

This isn’t right!

Both Rachel Sedgwick and Michael Hicks have objected strenuously.

Does anybody know when teachers will get their contracts or be told a date when they’ll have them? read more

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Complaints against harassment by the TUSD Desegregation Fisher “Plaintiff” continue

The following open letter to TUSD was posted on this recently posted article’s comment section.

TS and Readers: The following was sent to Board and Supt. today.

August 6, 2018

Dear TUSD Governing Board and Dr. Gabriel Trujillo:

I was very glad to see what the Whistleblowers reported about Gloria Copeland in Three Sonorans. Good and brave of the Whistleblowers! In reaction to the Whistleblowers’ 72nd letter, Dr. Gabriel Trujillo is saying that Gloria Copeland, Fisher plaintiffs’ representative (or whatever her role is) has the same rights to visit schools as any other “citizen.” This immediately shows how oblivious he is about Gloria Copeland’s behavior throughout the District and his lack of power or willingness to protect TUSD employees from Gloria’s out-of-bounds behavior at the schools. Maybe he believes Gloria’s bluff that she has two or three Board members “in-pocket.” (She throws Michael Hick’s name around all of the time and suggests that she speaks to Mark Stegeman regularly and she throws in that when she spoke with Rachael Sedgewick she said this and she said that so that people will know that she is also in contact with her.) It is one of her intimidation tricks. Basically, she is constantly dropping their names. I refuse to believe that any of these three Board members condone what Gloria is doing in the schools or other TUSD offices and I challenge each board member and Dr. Trujillo to condone her conduct or to denounce it. Remaining silent actually condones Gloria’s behavior and it allows her to continue with her awful disrespectful and disruptive behavior. read more

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Whistleblowers demand Fisher Plaintiffs follow TUSD policies including state and federal law

We grant our permission to publish this letter and to distribute it widely. The Whistleblowers are the sole authors of all of our letters. Those who publish or reference our letters are not involved in writing or influencing our letters.

72nd Open Letter to TUSD Governing Board and Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo- Request to Stop Intimidation, Harassment, Insults, Bullying, Threats, and Coercion by Gloria Copeland- STOP HER Meeting at Sahuaro HS on Friday, August 3, 2018

From: TUSD Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Retired Administrators, Parents, & Grandparents read more

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Whistleblowers address horrible tenure on TUSD school board and recent hypocrisy

The fact remains that Adelita Grijalva is a lousy Board member. She was first elected in 2003 and took office in 2004. During her time on the Board, she has never been well prepared for Board meetings (NEVER). Almost 20 schools closed down under Adelita’s non-leadership and six schools are no longer magnet schools because of her lack of leadership in holding HT Sanchez accountable for his neglect of our magnet schools. She and her quorum were responsible for paying the HIGHEST salary to HT in the state than any other public school superintendent. For the majority of her tenure, NO curriculum existed within TUSD. Only two weeks ago she voted in favor of a budget which is destined to explode.

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Whistleblowers: Mean girl Kristel takes over June 27th meeting, Deseg concerns in TUSD

June 27th Board Meeting: Is this a Joke?

The June 27th Board meeting was filled with dysfunction. It was almost like a slap-stick comedy routine. What type of leadership loads a Board agenda up with 56 items? It shows unadulterated stupidity.

Mark Stegeman sort-of attended the meeting- on and off -as he connected and then disconnected on the telephone. He was at a hospital in Denver probably having to do with a family member’s medical needs but no explanation was ever provided. He had no agenda or any notes and had to keep asking questions over issues which had already been covered. It took a few tries to even get him on the phone. It was disruptive. At one point his child grabbed the phone out of his hand and decided to talk. It just added chaos. Because Mark was not physically present, Kristel-salivating-at-the-mouth-to-be-Board-President took over the President’s role. It was outrageous. read more

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Latino Students Plaintiff responds to TUSD Supt Trujillo over latest Deseg court filings attacking Latinos

Last week on June 14th, 2018, TUSD Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo was on the Bill Buckmaster Show and was asked why TUSD is filing to dismiss the Latino Plaintiffs (Mendoza) from the over four-decades-old Desegregation Case. A short audio excerpt from the show is included below.

Trujillo responds that this is not true, but rather TUSD “has complied with ALL provisions of the Unitary Status Plan [aka “Deseg Order”] as it pertains to the Mexican American student portion.”

Trujillo goes on to say that this is “a radically different statement than saying ‘get rid of the plaintiff representative.’” Trujillo also goes on to agree with TUSD Board President Mark Stegeman’s claim that TUSD will be off of this Deseg Order within 4 years and explains how this will occur; that audio excerpt is also included in the video above for your convenience. read more

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Whistleblowers expose Grijalva’s inner thoughts after 16 years as TUSD board member: 4 more years?

We grant our permission to publish this letter and to distribute it widely.

67th Open Letter

From: TUSD Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Retired Administrators and Parents, Grandparents

Subject: In Adelita Grijalva’s Head

Most of you know that I had announced that I would NOT run for another term on the TUSD Governing Board. After 14 years I had decided that it was time to spend more time with my children and husband. I have served on the Board through each of my pregnancies and have basically raised my three children while a Board member, which says a lot since my oldest child is entering middle school next school year. To say that I have missed quality time with my children and husband is an understatement and I owe a great debt to my mom for taking over my duties as mother for my children. I also owe a great debt to Pima County and Chuck Huckelberry for allowing me to leave work any time I want in order to do TUSD work (most of it is politicking). My County job is really like having a half-time job while getting paid full time. Lucky me! read more

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HT Sanchez appointed as superintendent despite scandals in Plainview

Following a 23-minute closed session, Plainview ISD trustees formally hired Dr. H.T. Sanchez as the district’s new superintendent.

The action, which came on a 6-0 with trustee Syliva DeLaGarza absent, follows the board’s vote 21 days earlier to name Sanchez as its lone finalist for the post vacated by Dr. Rocky Kirk who has retired. Kirk was named superintendent in 2013.

The vote prompted a standing ovation for Sanchez, who was invited to came forward and sign his contract by Board President Bryan Wood. read more

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May 2018 TUSD Desegregation Update: District launches attack on Latino Plaintiffs

A most applicable quote from the July 19, 2011 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion follows and another is found at the closure:

“We reverse the court below [the United States District Court] and order it to maintain jurisdiction until it is satisfied that the School District has met its burden by demonstrating – not merely promising—‘its good-faith compliance…with the [Settlement Agreement] over a reasonable period of time’…The court also must be convinced that the District has eliminated ‘the vestiges of discrimination…to the extent practicable’ with regard to all of the Green factors.” Fisher v. TUSD, 652 F.3d 1131, 1143-44 (9th Circuit Court of Appeals- 2009); emphasis in original. read more

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