TEA President Jason Freed rallies TUSD teachers to fight federal court-ordered diversity plans

The email at the bottom was just sent to all TEA members from Jason Freed, President of the Tucson Education Association and deals with consistently campaigning by TEA against the District’s teacher diversity plan.

This diversity plan was designed to hire more ethnic/racial minorities and to more evenly assign minority and non-minority teachers throughout the District; this way schools are neither comprised of predominantly white teachers or minority teachers.

The National Education Association also supports teacher diversity plans.

However, teacher seniority, in the eyes of TEA, is more important than the objective of a court-ordered teacher diversity plan. As seen in the letter below from Jason Freed to his membership, the TUSD Board has been lobbied by him and many TEA members against a diversity plan required by a Federal Desegregation Order. This has resulted in a Board resolution which will be discussed at tonight’s Board Meeting.

If passed, it will result in TUSD appealing the court order of September 6, 2018, to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which will once again be very costly and drain desegregation funds to deal with adult issues. It will also take attention away from student-focused matters.

Many teachers have complained that TEA’s membership is at an all-time low and that its membership is comprised of predominantly of white teachers. TEA refuses to provide statistics on its membership and its membership’s ethnic/racial composition but if what teachers are reporting is true, the data itself would support the need for a diversity plan focused on teachers.

TEA President letter below:

I am writing you a stand-alone message about an extremely concerning piece of information of which we just became aware. This will require your immediate attention, as well as participation on the part of you and your colleagues. Please read below:

In an attempt to gain full Unitary Status, which will mean that TUSD would no longer be under court supervision, TUSD filed for and received Partial Unitary Status just last week. By and large, this is good for employees, students, and the community, as it indicates that TUSD is addressing racial disparities within our community. Buried in the 152-page document, there is one significant section in the “Partial Unitary Status Order.” The Order calls for a change in hiring practices in TUSD. Please read the direct quotes from the Order below:

“The USP, which requires that TUSD ‘increase the number of experienced teachers and reduce the number of beginning teachers hired to teach in racially concentrated schools or schools in which

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TEA to host TUSD candidate debate after endorsing two candidates

Tonight will be the first forum for the candidates running for a seat on Southern Arizona’s largest school district, TUSD. The event is hosted by the TEA, the teacher’s union and its president Jason Freed is advocating for everyone to show up and for help in “re-electing Adelita Grijalva to the Governing Board.”

So come out and learn about the candidates, but we’ve already decided who you should vote for? How’s that for a fair forum?

To canvass with Adam Ragan, send RSVP to a standwithraul.com email address.

Furthermore, “finding the best two candidates… is imperative.” Given that Adelita Grijalva has been canvassing with Adam Ragan, and since Adelita knows what is best for TUSD, is this whole façade of a fair forum just a rally for Adelita and her boy Adam? read more

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TUSD sup’t Gabriel Trujillo continues to allow harassment in TUSD from the “Fisher Plaintiff”: Whistleblowers

TUSD sup’t Gabriel Trujillo continues to allow harassment in TUSD from the “Fisher Plaintiff”: Whistleblowers

Our permission is granted to media, bloggers, and others to publish our letter. We are the sole authors of our letters.

76th Open Letter to the Community:

ShEEE’s BACK! Gloria Copeland Back at Sahuaro High School Interfering with its Operation and the Board and Superintendent Do Absolutely Nothing

From: TUSD Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Former Students/Class of 2018, Retired Administrators, Parents, & Grandparents

ShEEE’s Back! read more

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Consuelo Hernandez wins Sunnyside school board race

Consuelo Hernandez has just won a seat on the Sunnyside school board after one of her opponents was kicked off the ballot for having enough invalid signatures to no longer qualify to run.

Only two candidates remain for the two open seats.

Consuelo is one of the Three Hernandez Siblings that are running for offices in Southern Arizona. Her sister Alma just won her LD3 House race since there are no Republicans running for the two open seats, thus making the primary race the determining election. The other sibling that remains in an open race is LD2 House incumbent Daniel Hernandez Jr. read more

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TUSD granted partial Unitary Status in Deseg Case: Still remains under federal court supervision

TUSD granted partial Unitary Status in Deseg Case: Still remains under federal court supervision

TUSD is currently under a decades-old federal desegregation court order. To be in compliance with the Federal Court and to get off of the Deseg Case is known as “Unitary Status.”

Today, the Court has granted partial unitary status to TUSD within some specific areas while other areas have not yet been found unitary. Importantly, the Court will continue to oversee all areas of the court decree/USP until full unitary status is granted. The District remains under obligation to report on all areas to the Court. The Court anticipates one more year prior to the District being granted full unitary status. read more

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Whistleblowers connect the dots with TUSD board candidates and UHS

Our permission is granted to media, bloggers, and others to publish our letter. We are the sole authors of our letters.

75th Open Letter to the Community:

Connect the . . . . Dots . . . .The Stegeman

University High School Parasite Plot

From: TUSD Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Former Students/ Class of 2018, Retired Administrators, Parents, & Grandparents

Mark Stegeman believes that he is smart enough and powerful enough to be able to plot out how he will be able to get three votes to place University High School (UHS) on its own high school campus. He has tried this before and has failed. Sometimes his conniving ways do not become obvious until they smack you in the face, so we thought we would start warning people now about his newest plan to get his third vote for a UHS campus take-over. Stegeman has left a trail of dots which are so obvious that they almost self-connect. read more

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TUSD teachers get first paychecks today without contracts

This is a message sent to TUSD board members today about the latest debacle in Tucson’s largest school district.

Teachers got their 1st paychecks today, but they still haven’t gotten their contracts. They have no word from TUSD on when they’ll see their contracts. No word on what they will be paid this year!

This isn’t right!

Both Rachel Sedgwick and Michael Hicks have objected strenuously.

Does anybody know when teachers will get their contracts or be told a date when they’ll have them? read more

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David Garcia’s strange and embarrassing letter of defeat

While Three Sonorans has endorsed David Garcia for Arizona Governor, his latest email asking for money was shocking and has a scolding tone to it.

What do you think?

Subject: EMBARRASSING defeat – from David Garcia

We’re at a loss for words…

  • WE TOLD YOU that David Garcia’s campaign is being attacked by the GOP.
  • WE TOLD YOU that David Garcia is the KEY to flipping a battleground state BLUE.
  • AND WE TOLD YOU that if 3OO donations don’t pour in by TONIGHT, our campaign could be finished for good.
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