Whistleblowers: #RedForEd and how Auggie Romero keeps trying to appropriate it

A lot of school time is being spent on the Save Auggie’s Ass Campaign at Pueblo. Our concern is that he is doing a great deal of damage in finishing out the year at Pueblo and we recommend that he be removed from the Pueblo campus and reassigned to a well supervised central admin. area until his contract ends. The martyr environment that Auggie has created at Pueblo is not healthy for students or employees.

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Whistleblowers: Personal Pettiness on TUSD board perpetuate Pueblo problematic principal as Hicks saves Auggie Romero

Auggie insists that things have improved at Pueblo. He has pages and pages of rhetoric which he uses to convince people of the great improvements he has made at Pueblo. It is all manure. He knows it is all a lie but he is a convincing liar so he continues. He also knows how to cheat and manipulate numbers so that he can distort the facts to his benefit.

Have things gotten better at Pueblo? Well, if you like the lack of accountability; yes.

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