Kansas Governor-Elect Looks To Undo Adoption Law Some Called Anti-Gay

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Kansas Governor-elect Laura Kelly hasn't taken office just yet, but she's already setting up plans for a policy change. 

One of the first items on her list? Blocking a law that allows adoption agencies to refuse to place children with foster parents who identify as LGBTQ.

The law says Kansas can't force an adoption agency to place children in homes that conflict with the agency's religious beliefs.

As a Senator Kelly voted against the law, but Kansas’ Republican legislature passed it in May. Kelly and LGBTQ-rights activist have said the law allows agencies to discriminate against people who identify as part of the community.  

During a news conference, Kelly said, "If there is way to direct the agency not to implement that, then I will do that."

The governor-elect told reporters she also plans on reinstating a law barring anti-LGBTQ bias in state hiring that was repealed by former Gov. Sam Brownback.