Deadly California Fires Force Hundreds Of Thousands To Evacuate

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Firefighters in California are still working to contain at least three major fires in the state.

The Camp Fire, the largest of the three fires, has burned through 100,000 acres of land, killing at least 9 people and forcing at least 52,000 others to evacuate in Northern California. CBS News reports the fire is the most destructive fire on record having destroyed over 6,700 structures.

The Pacific Gas & Electric Company is working with investigators to find the cause of the Camp Fire. The company told regulators it noticed a line problem near where the fire broke out and observed damage to a transmission tower. It's unclear if that's what started the fire.

In the southern part of the state the Woolsey and Hill fires have burned over 39,000 acres of land northwest of Los Angeles in Ventura County. Around 250,000 people have been forced to evacuate due to the fires.

Early Saturday morning President Donald Trump blamed California's deadly fires on poor forest management and threatened to stop sending federal aid to the state if the issue wasn't fixed. Experts say the cause is likely a combination of climate change and people.

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