Dolores Huerta, Raul Grijalva and more Democratic Endorsements for Rodney Glassman

Dolores Huerta, the Co-founder of the United Farm Workers said of Rodney in her endorsement, “ … Rodney is not a candidate just for Latinos, the environment, women, working families or the business community. Rodney is the next generation of Arizona leadership because he understands the best way to bring people together is to provide everyone with a seat the table.”

Rodney Glassman has been endorsed by all of the following Democrats

Latino Leadership Council
U.S. Congressman Raúl Grijalva
State Senator Amanda Aguirre of Yuma
State Representative Manny Alvarez of Elfrida
State Senator Jorge Garcia of Tucson
State Representative Phil Lopes of Tucson
State Senator Rebecca Rios of Apache Junction
State Representative Olivia Cajero Bedford of Tucson
State Representative Anna Tovar of Tolleson
County Supervisor Richard Elias of Pima County
County Supervisor Michael Pastor of Gila County
County Supervisor Ramon Valdez of Pima County
County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox of Maricopa County
Mayor Jennifer Eckstrom of South Tucson
Mayor Marie Lopez-Rogers of Avondale
Vice Mayor Michael Nowakowski of Phoenix
Council Member Alex Bejarano of Wellton
Council Member Richard Fimbres of Tucson
Council Member Regina Romero of Tucson
Sunnyside School Board Member Magdalena Barajas
Sunnyside School Board Member Eva Carrillo Dong
Tucson Unified School District Governing Board Member Miguel Cuevas
Tucson Unified School District Governing Board Member Adelita Grijalva
Former County Supervisor Dan Eckstrom of Pima County
Community Leader Dolores Huerta
Community Leader Alejandro Chavez
Community Leader Ruben Gallego
Community Leader Sol Gomez
Community Leader Augie Romero

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  1. I’m really not very happy that this became just the latest error in not reading fully somewhat misleading posts. This SAYS on it that it is from the Senatorial race, but–reading just the headline, as I have done on occasion and did here–I thought it was from this year. Don’t be an idiot like me–read the whole thing before reacting. Trust no one, not even your sometimes favorite blogger.

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