2018 Endorsements and Predictions

The Arizona Daily Star has a list of endorsements, including one for Doug Ducey for Governor, which you can find here. We now provide our own endorsements and analysis. Keep in mind that it is now too late to mail in your ballot, so you’ll have to drop it off or vote in person. We figure by now if you haven’t voted, you probably don’t know all the issues, so here are some we are following, and we’ll make it short.

For an analysis of the TUSD school board race click here. In a nutshell, a complete change in leadership is needed. That may not happen this year.

Arizona Corporation Commission: Despite widespread support for Rodney Glassman from Democrats, we endorse Kiana Sears and Sandra Kennedy.

LD3 House: Single-shot for Alma Hernandez. Despite being a member of the Green Party, we will not endorse Beryl Baker.

LD3 Senate: We are honored to vote for Sally Gonzales once again.

PCC Governing Board: We strongly endorse Luis Gonzales and Maria Garcia.

Propositions: It is usually a safe bet to vote NO on Propositions, or skip the vote altogether if you don’t know what is going on. The ones you should vote YES on are Props 125, 127, 407, 463. You should vote NO on all the others.

Judges: Taking a cue from my priest growing up who did prison ministry, I always vote NO on every judge.

For the rest of the slate, a vote for the Democrat is usually the best choice… except in the top two races.

Arizona Governor: There is no chance of David Garcia winning this race, and perhaps he should not. He has no legacy, he is a college professor who wants to jump immediately into the highest seat in the state. At least Steve Farley had a over a decade of experience as a politician and Doug Ducey was previously the State Treasurer.

Now consider this logic: even as a University Professor in Education, this Latino could not beat an idiot such as Diane Douglas for State Superintendent for Education. That is not necessarily Garcia’s fault, but rather the state of our 100% Republican-led state-wide leadership and their loyal voters. Everyone from Governor down to Mine Inspector to our two US Senators is Republican. If Garcia could not win against Douglas, how in the hell is he gonna beat a Koch-addicted incumbent that even the liberal Arizona Daily Star endorses? Either way, I was going to vote for the chairman of the Arizona Green Party Angel Torres whose stances align more with mine. He is way better than Ducey or Garcia and Ducey will win by a big enough margin that you can vote your conscious instead of voting for the “lesser of evils.” My prediction is Ducey wins 52-43.

US Senate: I have never once voted for Ron Barber or Martha McSally. I would always write-in a name rather than cast a vote for either of them. I think we need to re-phrase what we mean by “lesser of evils” and on the border this means “the lesser of white supremacy.”

For this reason, and for Kyrsten Sinema’s votes not only as a Blue Dog (aka Trump-lite) who votes with Trump over Democrats over 60% of the time (the new new Three-Fifths Compromise), but also for her votes for massive corporate tax cuts and to increase the penalty for those helping immigrants in the desert, labeling any person giving a ride to a family member or friend or someone needed help out in the desert as a “human smuggler,” Sinema will never have my endorsement. Neither will McSally. Neither will the faux Green Party capitalist named Green. I wrote-in a name as my choice, and I encourage all Democrats to write-in their choice for their favorite US Senate candidate in 2010, Rodney Glassman, who is now Republican. Sinema may follow in his footsteps when she loses as she goes from Green Activist to Blue Dog to 62% Trump-supporter… oh wait she already is a three-fifths white-supremacy supporter. My prediction is McSally wins 50-47.

Conclusion: My predictions are that Republicans will win all the state-wide races. In Tucson, the Dems will win in CD1, CD2 (come on Lea, you want to run as a Latina Trump-supporter and do not see the contradiction?), and CD3 which will be 60-40 for Raul Grijalva. And thus the G-Unit fiefdom continues as Grijalva remains safe in a district built just for him, with no competition to make him better. However, Raul did not build TUSD, and his daughter Adelita is vulnerable and may be the second domino to fall after Cam Juarez.

Not all of the US House of Cards can withstand the winds of change, especially when Raul forces local activists to have to look the other way as he invests in Caterpillar and Wells Fargo in a time of divestment, the Dakota Access Pipeline when he was fighting the Keystone Pipeline and knew the stock in its competitor Enbridge Energy who owns DAPL would increase, nor when Raul has to pay out $50K in hush money to staffers who said he created a “hostile work environment” and would regularly show up to work drunk. This is what we all knew about him all along, just as we warned you about Rodney Glassman, but now all his corruption is coming back to haunt him and his loyal servants. Perhaps not this year, but hindsight is 2020.

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