TEA to host TUSD candidate debate after endorsing two candidates

Tonight will be the first forum for the candidates running for a seat on Southern Arizona’s largest school district, TUSD. The event is hosted by the TEA, the teacher’s union and its president Jason Freed is advocating for everyone to show up and for help in “re-electing Adelita Grijalva to the Governing Board.”

So come out and learn about the candidates, but we’ve already decided who you should vote for? How’s that for a fair forum?

To canvass with Adam Ragan, send RSVP to a standwithraul.com email address.

Furthermore, “finding the best two candidates… is imperative.” Given that Adelita Grijalva has been canvassing with Adam Ragan, and since Adelita knows what is best for TUSD, is this whole façade of a fair forum just a rally for Adelita and her boy Adam?

The debate will be October 2nd, 2018 from 5-7pm at Tucson High School.

The email from the group hosting the forum is below:

TUSD Board Candidate Forum – MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW for Tuesday, October 2, 5-7 in the Tucson High Little Theater. TEA has invited all five candidates for TUSD School Board to the forum, as well as partner groups who are equally invested in the outcome of the TUSD Board election. We will have an opportunity to hear from the candidates, as well as ask direct questions about what their vision is for TUSD. The school board impacts all of us directly, so finding the best two candidates to help move TUSD forward is imperative. We will see you October 2.

Priority 1 for all of us needs to be the November election. We can all agree that being 50th in salaries, and 49th in per-pupil spending is not what our kids deserve. We are the education warriors that will flip Arizona to a pro-public education state by electing Dr. David Garcia as our Governor, turning the House and Senate to pro-public education supported, voting down Proposition 305, and re-electing Adelita Grijalva to the Governing Board, amongst other significant races. We all need to step up and help, as we are only a few weeks away from early ballots, and 7 from Election Day.

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