Leaders Of North And South Korea Are Set To Meet Tuesday

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South Korean President Moon Jae-in will fly to Pyongyang on Tuesday to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. It'll be their third meeting this year. 

A reported goal of the meeting is to advance denuclearization talks, with South Korea helping to moderate the stalled negotiations with the U.S. Moon will seek to get concrete steps North Korea will take to denuclearize. He'll also seek an official end to the Korean War.

Kim and Moon first met in April. The two leaders signed a declaration agreeing to "cease all hostile acts against each other" and work to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. In May, the two met again to iron out details of the summit between Kim and President Donald Trump.

South Korea will reportedly ask North Korea to disclose its nuclear and missile facilities and agree to an official end-of-war declaration.