US To Reportedly Allow Sanctions On Foreigners Meddling In Elections

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A new report says President Donald Trump might be trying to do to his part to help boost U.S. election security.

Reuters first reported Tuesday that the president plans to sanction any foreign individual or company that's accused of interfering in U.S. elections.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence would reportedly work with the National Security Agency, CIA and the Department of Homeland Security to decide if any foreigner meddled. 

An unnamed U.S. official told the news agency, "The administration is keen to set a new norm in cyberspace. This is a first step in stating boundaries and publicly announcing our response for bad behavior."

President Trump is reportedly expected to sign an executive order authorizing the sanctions on Wednesday. But The Wall Street Journal's sources said it could be pushed back as officials get ready for Hurricane Florence make landfall on the East Coast Thursday or Friday.

The Trump administration's been criticized in the past by lawmakers for not doing more to increase election security.

The White House didn't respond to Reuters request for comment. But its National Security Council spokesman told The Wall Street Journal that the president is "committed to protecting our nation's elections from foreign interference."

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