White House Accuses Iran Of Proxy Attacks In Iraq

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The White House issued a statement Tuesday, accusing Iranian proxies for recent "life-threatening attacks" in Iraq. The US also warned Tehran would be held accountable if US entities are targeted. 

Last week, protests broke out in Basra over corruption, unemployment, and failing infrastructure. Protesters set fire to political party and militia headquarters as well as the Iranian consulate there. Reports say around 10 people have been killed in clashes with security forces so far this month. Rockets were also fired toward the U.S. consulate in Basra and the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. Neither location was damaged. 

Now, the White House says Iran supports "proxies" in Iraq by supplying "funding, training and weapons." The statement said the U.S. would hold Tehran accountable for "any attack that results in the injury to our personnel or damage to United States Government facilities."