Consuelo Hernandez wins Sunnyside school board race

Consuelo Hernandez has just won a seat on the Sunnyside school board after one of her opponents was kicked off the ballot for having enough invalid signatures to no longer qualify to run.

Only two candidates remain for the two open seats.

Consuelo is one of the Three Hernandez Siblings that are running for offices in Southern Arizona. Her sister Alma just won her LD3 House race since there are no Republicans running for the two open seats, thus making the primary race the determining election. The other sibling that remains in an open race is LD2 House incumbent Daniel Hernandez Jr.

Only two of Tucson’s major school districts will have competitive races for their school boards after a Superior Court judge kicked Sunnyside Unified School District governing board hopeful Gabriel Morales off the ballot Wednesday.

Morales was among several local school board candidates whose nominating petitions were challenged on grounds that some of the signers weren’t registered to vote or didn’t live within the district boundaries. Many other districts didn’t field enough candidates for competitive races.

His removal means voters in Sunnyside will not have a choice who represents them on the school board for the next two years. The two remaining candidates, incumbent Eva Carillo Dong and newcomer Consuelo Hernandez, the sister of outgoing board member Daniel Hernandez, will be elected without ever having received a vote.

Source: Arizona Daily Star.

The irony is that the petition challenge was instigated by her opponent Eva Dong, the current incumbent who took out a bogus restraining order against Consuelo for her educational activism in Sunnyside. The order was thrown out and now Eva will have to be seated next to Consuelo for the next four years as members of the same school board.