Whistleblowers connect the dots with TUSD board candidates and UHS

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75th Open Letter to the Community:

Connect the . . . . Dots . . . .The Stegeman

University High School Parasite Plot

From: TUSD Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Former Students/ Class of 2018, Retired Administrators, Parents, & Grandparents

Mark Stegeman believes that he is smart enough and powerful enough to be able to plot out how he will be able to get three votes to place University High School (UHS) on its own high school campus. He has tried this before and has failed. Sometimes his conniving ways do not become obvious until they smack you in the face, so we thought we would start warning people now about his newest plan to get his third vote for a UHS campus take-over. Stegeman has left a trail of dots which are so obvious that they almost self-connect.

Here are several of the most traceable Stegman dots in his attempt to influence the destiny of University High School without giving any consideration to all other high schools in TUSD.

Dot 1: Stegeman has found it hard to count on Mike Hicks for votes that he believes are critical for HIM and for HIS constituents. He had grown to take Hicks for granted. He has always believed that he is Hicks’ intellectual superior and that he had Hicks hoodwinked when it came to University High School. Stegeman was wrong. This was most evident when Hicks voted NO to move University High School to Catalina High School which would have displaced Catalina High School students to Rincon H.S. and also forced the movement of Catalina’s teachers, administrators, and support staff to other schools. Stegeman’s plot would have eliminated one entire high school in TUSD. It also would have displaced several departments that provide support services which are housed at Catalina H.S. In the end, it would have cost millions of dollars and a lot of student/staff sacrifice.

We call this effort the Stegeman University High School Parasite Plot where one elitist high school moves into the physical body of another high school, with the sole purpose of sucking the life out of it, while the parasite inhabitant thrives. Here is a suitable definition: ‘The internal parasite depends on its host for food and shelter while the host is usually harmed and sometimes killed. An internal parasite is an organism that lives in the body of another organism.’ In this case, the body is the high school facility that is taken over by UHS.

Dot 2: When Hicks does his homework and listens to those who reflect the TUSD populous such as Catalina and Rincon High School parents, alumni, teachers, and students, he ends up doing what is right. This does not happen nearly enough but when it does, it usually is good. When Hicks devotes time and energy to get the facts at the school level, he shines. This was a shocking dot that threw Stegeman for a loop!

Dot 3: Stegeman was not only shocked but also very angry last fall when he did not receive Hicks’ support (vote) to evict Catalina students, faculty, and support services staff from their facility to Rincon High School in order to give University High School its own segregated elitist campus (or host body). Stegeman is not concerned with what is best for all kids. Stegeman thinks only of what will ultimately benefit him and those who he believes are most like him.   Many of Stegeman’s professorial peers have children who attend or will attend University High School and they believe that UHS should not have to rub shoulders with common high schoolers. (They argue that this is not true and act insulted when they are confronted with this fact, but it is true.

  • Exhibit I: UHS administrators and teachers have admonished UHS students for sitting with Rincon students during joint pep rallies. Rincon and UHS students and faculty have witnessed this.
  • Exhibit II. UHS teachers have coordinated use of the campus library with its librarian with the provision of locking out Rincon students during UHS’ exclusive use of the library. Everyone knows about this separatist action.
  • Exhibit III. One of our members happened to sit next to a group of UHS students last October at the Board meeting that the plan to move UHS to Catalina was unveiled. A female student turned to our member and asked if he was there to support UHS. He said no, that he was there to observe. She then said, “Well we do not want anyone sitting next to us unless they support UHS. Can you please move?” He responded that he was not willing to move and explained that she was in a public facility and a public meeting. She and her three friends got up from their seats and moved. Interestingly enough, they sat next to another one of our members, who was asked the same question. This member stated that she was there to support what was best for all students and while the students did not move away from this member, the UHS student sitting next to her physically situated herself and her seat so that the student intentionally gave the member her back throughout the meeting. A UHS parent approached the UHS students just prior to the meeting and said, “You were instructed to sit only with UHS supporters. We want to make sure that we are seen as one group. It is too late now- all the seats are taken.”

Young people model behavior they see most often.

Stegeman’s clan, made up of many U of A intellectual elites (or so they believe) and many (not all) UHS faculty elites, who are also snobs and delusional, supported Stegeman during his bid for re-election in 2016. Last fall it was time for Stegeman to pay-up for their support. Poor Stegeman had it all worked out and then it all fell apart. He could not pay his political debt due to the lack of support from Hicks. Since then, he’s been reminded that he MUST deliver on UHS before his current term is up. Since the defeat on the Board agenda item/UHS Parasite Plot last fall, Stegeman has recognized that he needs a third solid vote to get UHS its own campus.

Sedgewick is “IN” for this next round. (Important point: Not all UHS faculty support having a separatist campus and not all are snobs and delusional.)

Dot 4: Stegeman’s mastermind idea is to run a school board candidate who will be solidly behind evicting one school from its campus and placing the evicted school on another high school campus just to accommodate the placement of UHS on its own pristine campus. It is a repeat of Stegemans last genius idea involving Catalina and Rincon High Schools but his new plot is even more elitist. He has a three-prong plan.

  • Prong one: He is pushing very hard to get rid of the desegregation case once and for all so that the District can do whatever it wants- wherever it wants without any oversight and therefore, without any accountability. Just imagine what this Board will get away with! TUSD will use desegregation dollars without any discretion and gradually start to undo the Unitary Status Plan.
  • Prong 2: He has Hicks almost convinced that the best placement for UHS is the Santa Rita campus since it had about 400 students enrolled by the end of the 2017-18 school year – less than most elementary schools. UHS teachers were told not to consider Santa Rita as a possible site when they were involved in the last Parasite scheme to take over the Catalina campus.
  • They were told that it would not be approved by the special master and the court. Hicks does not want to lose Santa Rita since one of his most vocal positions in his re-election campaign has been to ensure that all east side schools, especially Santa Rita, remain open. Stegeman is desperate to deliver promised goods to his UHS lobby. It seems that they each may have their own needs and have found a way to cut a deal with the other to accomplish their wishes.
  • With the desegregation case out of the way, along with Hicks’ agreement to plop UHS on the Santa Rita campus, the Board can carry on without giving a single thought to Santa Rita’s far east location actually acting as a barricade to equal access for students whose geographic location make it impossible or near impossible to attend a school that is so far away. (After forty years under a desegregation court order, we have learned a thing or two about the constitutional rights that all students are entitled to in TUSD.)

Dot 5 and Prong 3: Since Stegeman cannot rely on Hicks to come through on all votes, including UHS, even though they have “sort- of” cut a deal, Stegeman has gone out and found himself a solid UHS candidate to run for the school board. If his candidate wins by either shoving Hicks or Grijalva out of their seats, Stegeman walks away with his solid 3 votes to allow UHS to take over another high school’s real estate.

Stegeman’s Parasite Plot is bad for TUSD and for all high schools throughout the District but he does not care. The UHS Parasite Plan benefits only one single school and in the long run, giving UHS its own campus will fuel the opinion that UHS acts like a private school while using public school funding. It will give kids who are being raised to be elitists even more reason to intellectually snob the rest of the world and it will not provide an environment in which the most valuable lessons are learned in a real high school setting. The UHS environment is artificial and one that smacks of genetic supremacy on several levels. It is a brain-drain on every other high school in TUSD.

Dot 6: THE UHS Candidate: Who is this candidate that has been hand-picked by Stegeman- who, if elected, will go along with his UHS Parasite Plot at the cost of the rest of the high schools and entire District?

The candidate is Doug Robson, who has two daughters who graduated from UHS (this fact is prominently noted in his campaign information). A big chunk of his income is generated from rentals and in his role as a landlord of several apartments. He graduated from the U of A in 1964 and has a business background is real estate and has owned his own real estate management business for several years. He has not attended TUSD Board meetings and has not been involved in any current TUSD issues. When his daughters were in TUSD schools he was involved at the school level. This was decades ago.

Stegeman attempted to load the Board with a similar candidate in 2016: Lori Reigel. She and her daughter both attended UHS and Reigel was all IN with Stegeman to serve UHS however possible. She ran a horrible campaign and disgraced herself out of politics. Prior to this he convinced one of his subordinate colleagues from the University of Arizona Eller College of Management’s Economics Department to apply for the vacant Board seat which resulted from Judy Burn’s death. Alexandre Borges Sugiyama was a lecturer at the time while Stegeman was tenured faculty. His office was a few steps away from Stegeman’s and their alignment was made very obvious. Sugiyama was played by Stegeman- just as Reigel would have been had she been elected.

Robson’s background in real estate is particularly ironic along with his family ties and loyalty to UHS, since the UHS Parasite Plot boils down to real estate.

Dot 6: Stegeman and his clan cannot afford another embarrassing defeat so their UHS Parasite Plot includes the formation of a political action committee (PAC) that exists solely to defeat Adelita Grijalva. If successful in their sub-plot of the UHS Parasite Plot, it would make room for Robson to assume Grijalva’s seat and for Hicks to regain his seat. However, the reality is that it is Hicks who is more likely to get defeated by Robson. Grijalva will crank up her campaign before every allowing for Stegeman to oust her. The likelihood of knocking Grijalva from her seat with the sloppy effort Stegeman has put in place is as likely as a snowfall in July in Tucson.

Dot 7: The anti-Grijalva PAC is led by a Sunnyside School District employee, “I-know-nothing-about-TUSD-but-I-am-a willing-token-Mexican”-Richard Hernandez, along with very visible support from Stegeman’s former campaign manager, Pilar Ruiz. We guess that the “Mexican taking on a Mexican” effort seemed like a really good idea to Stegeman given his appalling history and bloody hands in dealing with the Latino community. Ruiz, who has made some strides in addressing the Board as a parent and advocate of students, has very quickly lost credibility. She remains under the control of Mark Stegeman, which now could not be more obvious. The PAC has two measly members and 25 bucks to run its campaign and if the campaign is found to be affiliated with the Robson campaign, it will be gleefully exposed by Grijalva or one of her many hacks. So, Richard Hernandez and Pilar Ruiz should become very aware of the PAC rules.


For any of you who have followed our letters, we have voiced our ongoing disagreement with Adelita Grijalva on dozens of actions that she has taken on the Board. Our spoof on her was as hard as we have ever gotten on any Board member. To this point we have come out strongly against her bid for a 5th term.

We are as adamant in opposing Doug Robson, who is transparently nothing more than a Stegeman tool and fool.

We also strongly oppose the candidacy of Adam Ragan who is a Kristel Foster/Adelita Grijalva clone and who is so strongly tied to TEA that he might as well be Jason Freed. If elected along with Grijalva there will be a block of three individuals who turn the District over to TEA. We are pro-union but we are not in favor of TEA running TUSD as it did under Joel Ireland’s first 12 years on the Board. And speaking of Joel Ireland, he, on behalf of his old friend Grijalva, Ireland has challenged Hicks’ petition signatures and based on Hicks’ comment in today’s Arizona Daily Star, his sexist “piggish” comment will finish him off as a candidate even if he meets the signature requirements.

Hicks’ chauvinism is now totally in the open. This is one of those times that Hicks has inserted both feet into his mouth. According to the Arizona Daily Star (8/27/18) Hicks “complained that the three women on the TUSD board — Adelita Grijalva, Kristel Foster and Rachael Sedgwick — are always fighting with one another and always appear to be on “that day of the month.” “Excuse the expression,” he added.” https://tucson.com/news/local/legal-challenges-lack-of-interest-limit-choices-on-tucson-area/article_ffa914a8-4490-55f4-987a-09a1b54b271b.html

NO! We will NOT excuse what he thinks is an expression. It may be his chauvinist sentiment but it is not an expression.

The following is from Robson’s website. The guy has no current knowledge base about TUSD and whomever (Stegeman) will be pumping him full of information will poison his thinking, which has probably already happened. BTW, according to our folks at Cragin Elementary, Robson represents the Rotary on the site council. Last year he missed more meetings than he attended. Looks like he attended one (1) meeting. This is not exactly what we call “involved.”

Doug Robson website & statement.



About | Doug Robson For TUSD

Maybe it’s time to Reboot TUSD. Vote Doug Robson, Independent, for TUSD School Board.


Family: Wife Andrea a retired MAI real estate appraiser.

Two Adult Daughters both graduates of University High – Tucson

Military Service: US Army for 2 ¾ years including nine months in South Korea.  I was released three months early to go back to college.  Honorable discharge.

Education: BS in Business from the University of Arizona. 1964

Attended: McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. 1964-65


• I worked for R. R. Donnelley and Sons in Chicago as an accountant and a computer programmer and Foote, Cone & Belding as a computer programmer.

• I lived frugally and invested most of what I earned buying small apartment buildings.

• Later I also worked as a real estate property manager and in real estate sales.

• I opened my own real estate management business in 1973.

• Having grown tired of Chicago winters, my wife, two daughters and I moved to Tucson in August of 1983, and started Robson Associates.  I did the real estate management and she did appraisals for about the first five years until we closed the appraisal part of the business and she supervised the office.  A few years later as the management and real estate ownership became more profitable she retired and became active in nonprofit work.

I tried to retire in 2010.  Within a few months, I could see that it wasn’t going to work, so I recruited our daughters to join me and we were back in business, running it out of our home.  Shortly thereafter the main office was moved to Phoenix where our younger daughter lives and she became the Chief Operating Officer of the company. I have remained the CEO.  We have a branch office in Tucson.  Our older daughter who lives in Chicago oversees the property in Chicago and San Diego through the Phoenix office.  The company has approximately 20 employees managing more than $40M in real estate.

Community Involvement

• I have been active in my church, St Francis in the Foothills Methodist Church since 1983 and have served in many offices.

• Old Pueblo Rotary Club since 1983. Treasurer several times and President 1997-1998.

• Cragin Elementary School Site Council community representative since approximately 2008.

• My passion for education dates to our Chicago days where I was active in our daughters’ co-op preschool as treasurer and President.

• Parent helper for two hours a week every week during the school year for four years at the “shoestring run gifted program” at the A. G. Bell Elementary School in Chicago.

• I have been active with and a supporter of Pima County Interfaith Council, Job Path (long-term job training to make a meaningful impact on the post-training wages of graduates.), Tucson Symphony Orchestra & True Concord Voices & Orchestra (formerly Tucson Chamber Artists).