Whistleblowers address horrible tenure on TUSD school board and recent hypocrisy

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70th Open Letter

From:  TUSD Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Retired Administrators, Parents, & Grandparents; AKA: Working Mamas and Papas

Subject: Adelita Grijalva’s Fragile Backbone

We seemed to have touched a deep and very sensitive nerve in Adelita Grijalva’s fragile backbone when she read our 68th letter that depicted her deepest thoughts and worries about running for re-election for the TUSD Governing Board. Although she refers to us as “trolls,” we are flattered that she actually reads our letters and that she felt compelled to respond, although in a ludicrous and weak defensive way.  Our letter was a success in thousands of different ways. It will continue to get widely circulated.

In our 68th letter, Adelita pays tribute to her Mom, Ramona Grijalva, for essentially raising her children while she is in her free-flow of thoughts in our spoof. This is the nerve that was struck and which set Adelita into victim-defense mode in one of her recent FB posts (find it below). She refers to herself as a working mom and she explains how devoted she is to her kids since she goes on field trips with her kids, attends science fairs, and belongs to PTA, etc. She makes a point of saying that she is off to wash the dishes as she ends her FB post, as if to remind us that she is domestic. (This is way too sexist for our taste.) She also throws out her desperate gender card and melts into a victim (just like her boy Auggie Romero attempting to make himself the victim of racism) alleging that we would not make the same criticisms of a male. Hey, when one, like Adelita or Auggie, have nothing else to lean on to explain their incompetence, they grab the race or gender card

Adelita says that she is only away from her kids due to her job and when she attends Board meetings. This is a LIE. A big fat LIE. During Board meetings and on FB, she boasts about the dozens of functions she attends. Sure, many of these events are during her Pima County work hours so she is “only” cheating the taxpayers and not her children from her focused attention, but many are also held in the evenings and on weekends. Her activities have been escalated since she decided to run for re-election. Most of these events are political with Regina Romero, Richard Elias, Kristel Foster, her Daddy, etc. etc. etc. You get the picture. If you track Adelita’s events, plus her work hours, plus her Board functions, she is attending to her family very minimally- maybe just enough to wash the dishes, as she refers to in her “waah-waah” post on FB. Since we have called her out on this we can bet that she will now be seen hauling her darling misbehaved children all over Tucson. It does not matter that she is female.  She is a parent who is too busy for her kids. Our voice was a response to her statement about needing to spent more time with her children and husband and then back-tracking her decision.  She’s NOT around a whole lot and her Mom picks up 90% of the slack with occasional support from her sisters.  And here is another reality check, most of us who make up the Whistleblowers are parents or grandparents who also work, so we know exactly what is involved in the balancing act and we know when to recognize when the absence of a parent is extreme. The signs are all present for Adelita. Many of us are also retired grandparents and tell our children when they are abusing our time by expecting us to care for their children beyond what is reasonable.

Here is a good place to remind everyone that it is Adelita who announced that she would NOT be seeking re-election so that she could SPEND MORE TIME with her kids and husband. She raised the issue and made it clear that enough time was not being spent with them. We just happen to SINCERELY agree with her. When she announced that she would run because of what had happened to Auggie Romero, she left an open invitation for anyone to question what had happened to her desire and need to spend more time with her family. Did it just vanish? We all know the answer.

When Auggie’s contract was NOT renewed, she realized that she could not leave the skill of cronyism in the hands of Kristel Foster, who, as much as she wants to be Mexican, hangs with the likes of Jen Darland, Leila Counts, Adam Reagan who, like her, are all elitists. None of them have budget- or public-education expertise beyond being a parent. Reagan not only has NO TUSD experience (beyond the year during which he has been “engaged”); he is also NOT a parent. What all three have in common is Kristel Foster’s devoted support and coaching on how to run their campaigns. Can anyone imagine Foster with a quorum to back her?

Leila Counts immediately formulated a defense on behalf of Auggie Romero and protested his termination because she said that the District should listen to the dozen to two dozen people who stood before the Board defending him. She did not realize the connections between those who defended him in front of the Board (sister of counselor, son of sister’s counselor, and other sundry connections). She did not lift an elitist finger to get the back story on Auggie. There was considerable coercion to get people to speak in support of Auggie and lots of intimidation to prevent anyone from agreeing with the position that his contract should not be renewed. She did not bother to try to talk to anyone at Pueblo to get factual information. Yet, we know first-hand that many at Pueblo are thrilled with the fact that Auggie will not return in August!. For Leila Counts, her actions on this issue showed that no one should count on Counts to know what is going on in TUSD. If you are not ready to scratch beneath the surface, you have no business running for a seat on the TUSD Board.

Reagan is sold, sealed, and delivered to Foster and TEA. He and Jason Freed are glued together at Board meetings, which tells us that he is not his own person.

The fact that Adelita is allowed a great deal of flexibility within her Pima County job and is really only working part-time while earning a full-time salary should be of concern to taxpayers but the fact that she is running for an office which is supposed to be all about the kids, while she leaves much of her own children’s care to her Mom, is very disturbing. Let’s pretend that she is the mother of the year for just one second: The fact remains that Adelita Grijalva is a lousy Board member. She was first elected in 2003 and took office in 2004. During her time on the Board, she has never been well prepared for Board meetings (NEVER). Almost 20 schools closed down under Adelita’s non-leadership and six schools are no longer magnet schools because of her lack of leadership in holding HT Sanchez accountable for his neglect of our magnet schools. She and her quorum were responsible for paying the HIGHEST salary to HT in the state than any other public school superintendent. For the majority of her tenure, NO curriculum existed within TUSD. Only two weeks ago she voted in favor of a budget which is destined to explode.

In her FB post, Adelita states that we- the Whistleblowers- lie and hide behind our computers. Actually, we expose TUSD’s lies and reveal the facts and truths (many about Adelita and other Board members). We remain anonymous because of the retaliatory nature of TUSD and the Grijalvas.  When Adelita or her Daddy think someone is in their way, they do whatever they have to to get that someone out of the way. Adelita actually had HT fire a principal because Adelita did not like her. NO due process! The principal was told to pack up her belongings and leave the building immediately.

This is Adelita’s handy-bloody work. This individual is female and Latina as well as being very competent, yet, not a word of racism or sexism surfaced. What a contrast to the screams heard over Auggie Romero!  She hid behind HT to do her dirty work. She has even asked HT and HR to dig up dirt on employees who have spoken out against her or anything she supports. She has talked trash to administrators about lower level employees who have expressed disgust with her lack of leadership and she has strongly encouraged administrators to write these employees up. HT, Adelita, Kristel, and Cam decided that the Tucson Police Department should investigate the Whistleblowers. TPD basically laughed at them, reminding them about freedom of speech. So, yes, we will remain anonymous. It is the single reason that we are now on our 70th letter and that there will be a 71st, 72nd, etc. Adelita knows this to be a fact and she will continue her efforts to discredit us.

If you did not read our 68th letter, please read it and share it with everyone you know. Adelita needs to be ousted from her seat in November!



Here are a few excerpts from the 68th letter:

“I have served on the Board through each of my pregnancies and have basically raised my three children while a Board member, which says a lot since my oldest child is entering middle school next school year. To say that I have missed quality time with my children and husband is an understatement and I owe a great debt to my mom for taking over my duties as mother for my children.”

“By now, you’ve probably heard that I changed my mind about not running for the Governing Board. I changed my mind totally based on Auggie Romero not having his contract renewed as Principal at Pueblo High School. Sure, my motivation is once again 100% political and all about one single adult but, as I said, it is in my DNA and I make no apologies. Oh sure, Auggie did change the grades and I wish he hadn’t but he did and I have to support him; no matter what. Through the years he has helped me a lot! If you read my last guest opinion in the Arizona Daily Star, I will let you in on a little secret: Auggie wrote it; I didn’t. I have supported him through all of his horrible public outbursts and mistakes. He did change the grades. Everyone knows it. He shouldn’t have changed the grades but, all I have to do is continue to blame the teacher whose grades he changed. (Hey, there always has to be a “fall-guy!” and I don’t care!)”

“I am very worried that while I have been on the Board almost 20 schools have been closed. The school closure process was horrible and after the schools were closed it was really clear that some of the school closures were big mistakes. This will not look good on my campaign literature. Oh, and I also worry that during my 14 years as a Board Member, TUSD has lost over 12,000 students. Another worry is that I was Board President when the hiring of HT Sanchez took place and I was the one on the Board who pushed and voted to pay him the highest salary in the history TUSD (maybe even the history of the state). I also did everything I could possibly do to rescue him from being held accountable by the three Board members who pushed him out. In some ways, it was best for him to resign because based on what they had on him, he could have been convicted of several crimes. I am ashamed that while I have sat on the Board, Mexican American Studies was ripped from the District… but I can continue to say I voted against banning MAS. I guess I really should have done more. John Pedicone did a horrible job on this too. He blew the school closures, for sure, but the way he managed MAS was terrible. John was like a country boy trying to run an urban school district and he failed. Still, for political reasons, I will continue to be nice-nice to him. I have to be fake so much of the time. I amaze myself!”

“I suppose that another problem I have is that I believed everything that HT told me and some of his lies about what he was doing to support magnet schools wound up losing 6 of our magnet schools while I was Board President. And, yeah, we should have complied with the USP but, again, I believed HT. I can hardly believe myself because I have turned into such an anti-desegregation Board member…and it was mainly to support HT. All I have to do is blame the plaintiffs and court. That’ll work. At least, it has so far.”

Adelita Grijalva Facebook Post May 30, 2018 Waah, Waah!

“I can keep it together most of the time and not respond to most of the ugly gossip. I tell myself that everyone won’t agree with me 100% of the time but if I do my homework, talk to people, make informed decisions and vote my conscience, I can sleep at night knowing I’ve done my best. I’ve had to learn how to deal with the name calling and lies. I just can’t stomach when trolls involve my kids, my husband and my family! The one thing I find hard to brush off is the accusations about me being an absentee mom. To that, I call BS!! I’m on the PTO, attend nearly every field trip, all performances and science fairs, there for the middle of the night fevers, nightmares, pep talks and hard talks.. you name it, I’m there. The only time I miss out on anything for my family is when I’m at board meetings and work. A job that I LOVE working with youth and families, that I have dedicated 22 years of my life to, at the NON PROFIT I work for.

I’m on the TUSD school board to represent all of our kids, including mine. I am a working mom that is trying to show our kids that women can do anything they set their mind to and I will make no apologies for it. I have an amazing husband that is there when I can’t be and is completely supportive. Think they would accuse a man of being a bad dad for running for office or being an elected official?? Answer..NOPE.

My kids are smart, loving, well adjusted, couldn’t be more different from each other but so fun to be with. To say that I’m not a good mom because I am an elected official is so insulting and offensive.

I’m not perfect but neither are the anonymous trolls that can write lies about me and hide behind their computer screens.”

Thanks for allowing me to vent! I’m off to wash dishes…#workingmamas