Trump-supporting conservative radio station in Tucson sold to Spanish-format “La MAS Mexicana”

For many years in Tucson, you could tune in to hear your daily hate on “Good News Communication,” 1030AM-KVOI. If you wanted to hear multiple shows in the morning or afternoon that supported this last decade of hate in Arizona, from SB1070 to HB2281, which banned Mexican American Studies (MAS) in TUSD, to Trump’s support of America’s most hateful Sheriff Arpaio, you knew where to turn on the radio dial.

Now the morning show named WakeUp Tucson! may become ¡Despierta Tucson! as Bustos “La MAS Mexicana” Media buys out the Trump-supporting Christian Conservative radio station that was part of the racist and unconstitutional assault on MAS and Latino students in Tucson Unified.

The curse of Pima County Supervisor Ally “White and PROUD” Miller also continues as every radio she touches collapses, beginning with the JT Harris Show that went from FM’s “The Truth” to AM radio in the Arizona desert.

The only station left, KVOI, that would have Ally Miller on to spout her conspiracies and white pride will now be a Spanish station!

The Facebook post by Ally Miller above was posted on the afternoon of the Charlottesville white supremacy rally that left one woman dead.

This leaves Ally with only a fake news blog site (in addition to the Arizona Daily Herald) whose Mexican-hating Fear-mongering Facebook-trolling editor and owner who Miller just hired to be on her staff! So much for being “independent” media. It is very revealing that both the Arizona Daily Herald and the Arizona Daily Independent both have editors that were or continue to be on Ally Miller’s payroll — fake-news funded by taxpayers!

The circles of hate keep shrinking as Tucson’s demographics continue to change. JT Harris and the demise of KVOI prove that xenophobia and spreading the constant fear of “evil” liberals (libtards) and those who are different is not a viable economic model. Catering to a demography whose average age is over 65 with a non-diverse all-white-male daytime lineup and whose message is the furthest possible from being “good news” but more “be angry and afraid” is not sustainable. You cannot keep fearing and hating the new majority and thrive in a capitalistic society.

An era ends in Tucson as people who are tuning in to hear the latest Christian justification for Trump’s Mexicans-are-Rapists or Ban-all-Muslims or Grab-them-by-the-Pussy will now be greeted with banda music and the Spanish-speaking host “El Bronco.

Whether that is “good news” or not, it is the new reality in Southern Arizona.