Study: 58 Percent Of Women In Academia Report Being Sexually Harassed

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Almost 60 percent of women working in academic institutions have been sexually harassed, according to a recent study published by the National Academies Press. The study says the only workplace with a higher rate of harassment against women is the military.

Women going into science, engineering and medical fields may experience this in higher levels. A survey by the University of Texas found 40 percent of its female medical students reported being sexually harassed by faculty or staff.

The study said that's "especially discouraging" because those fields actively work to recruit women, but women who join them seem to be harassed out of their careers or limited in their advancement options.

The study's authors wrote a list of recommendations to help combat the problem. They include petitioning Congress to create legislation making it easier for harassment victims to seek justice, increasing transparency around what type of behavior is acceptable, and focusing on addressing the culture harassment is taking place in rather than protecting institutions against liability.