Robert Mueller Says Russia Is Still Trying To Meddle In US Elections

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Special counsel Robert Mueller is trying to keep a lid on the number of people with access to evidence in one of his cases. The reason? He says Russia is still trying to meddle in U.S. elections.

The case Mueller is concerned about is the one against more than a dozen Russian individuals and businesses. In a court filing Tuesday, Mueller asked a judge to issue a protective order for the government's evidence in that case.

Typically, the prosecution is required to turn its evidence over to the defense. But Mueller raises concerns about who on the defense team could hypothetically view it. 

He says his team's evidence contains "unclassified but sensitive information that remains relevant to ongoing national security investigations and efforts to protect the integrity of future U.S. elections."

He goes on to say the government thinks some "uncharged individuals and entities ... are continuing to engage in interference operations."

If the judge grants Mueller's request, there will be strict rules on who can view the evidence and where that evidence is kept. Any defendant who hasn't appeared in court to face the charges would be among those who would be restricted from viewing the evidence. So far, only one Russian business has appeared in court for this case.