ICE Is Arresting More Undocumented Immigrants Without Criminal Records

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents under the Trump administration are increasingly arresting undocumented immigrants without criminal convictions — despite President Donald Trump's campaign promises to target criminals.

Data compiled by USA Today using ICE statistics shows in the last two years of former President Barack Obama's presidency, 86 percent of undocumented immigrants arrested had criminal records. 

A little over a year into Trump's presidency, that number dropped to 69 percent.

In the past, ICE agents were told to focus on immigrants who had been convicted of felonies or of multiple misdemeanors, or those that were deemed a public safety threat for other reasons such as gang affiliation.

Immigrant arrests in general are up under the Trump administration. Last year, ICE announced a nearly 40 percent increase in arrests between January and April compared to the same time the year before.