Whistleblowers: #RedForEd and how Auggie Romero keeps trying to appropriate it

We grant our permission to publish this letter and to distribute it widely.

66th Open Letter

From: TUSD Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Retired Administrators and Parents, Grandparents

Subject: RED for ED!!! & The Continued Dark Cloud that Auggie Romero and His Ongoing Misconduct Cast Over TUSD

On Wednesday many of us went directly from our classrooms to varied locations on Broadway Boulevard to create a river of RED support for Public Education in Arizona. With our signs in hand and our red T-shirts as body bill boards, we chanted and waved at hundreds of people as they drove by us. It was genuinely a feeling of unity and of purpose. Every honk felt like a pat on the back from the public. We were all amazed at the stream of honks. None of this can be attributed to weak TEA union. The inspiration sprung up from Virginia and teachers, union and mostly-non union have done all of the work.

Within the various groups on Broadway, there was a lot of whispering going on; texts were flying; and phones were ringing. About what? Well, none other than Auggie Romero and his supporters. Their behavior continues to be outrageous.

Many from our group met after the Broadway event and decided to get as many other members from our group to join as possible so that we could write specifically to the three Board members who voted not to renew Auggie Romero’s contract since it shows that they are at least aware of some of the most outrageous actions he has taken.

There is a lot more that has not become public about Auggie’s farces but they do not matter anymore since three Board members took action that will finally remove him from Pueblo High School and TUSD. It just is not soon enough because he continues with his dishonest trickeries. A lot of school time is being spent on the Save Auggie’s Ass Campaign at Pueblo. Our concern is that he is doing a great deal of damage in finishing out the year at Pueblo and we recommend that he be removed from the Pueblo campus and reassigned to a well supervised central admin. area until his contract ends. The martyr environment that Auggie has created at Pueblo is not healthy for students or employees.

We are also including Dr. Gabriel Trujillo in this correspondence since we believe it is his duty to look into what we are reporting below. (We suggest that Dr. Trujillo utilize anyone other than the High School Director, Matt Munger, to conduct the investigation that is warranted. Munger has already shown his ineptness or bias in dealing with Auggie’s multiple violations.)

In many ways TUSD’s infamous mean girls got us to this horrible place. If it weren’t for the two top mean girls who sit on the Governing Board, this whole thing would have been done already. Instead, they have all but handed Auggie a law suit and have had the audacity to try to shape the contract non-renewal into a racist situation. Auggie is a poor principal and leader. During his time as the Pueblo Principal he has been away from the building an extraordinary amount. He was counseled about his absence and this school year he has been around more than any other but he still has been MIA more than any other high school principal. This by itself shows he does not give a damn about Pueblo or its students.

He takes short cuts every chance he gets and bullshits explanations and excuses more than anyone we know (except HT Sanchez). Auggie and his stooges NEVER mention that under Auggie’s LACK of leadership, Pueblo lost its magnet identity but he and his supporters never put this on his list of “accomplishments”. There is no racism! Rex Scott (who is Anglo) did not have his contract renewed as the Principal of Catalina High School based on the school’s achievement scores. (This was not an illegal act.) Chris Bonn (also a white Anglo) was immediately removed from Sahuaro as Principal when he got into an altercation with a young man who was involved with his step-daughter in what he thought was an inappropriate way (this did not happen during work time).

Pueblo also has its own ambitious mean girls who will stoop to any level to get their way and their way includes keeping Auggie Romero around as their boss since he is shallow in any supervision and accountability activity.

On the Pueblo campus, the mean girls are non-other than the school nurse (Kate Straub) and one of the school counselors (Teresa Toro). With Auggie these two meanies have orchestrated all of what the Board has seen in actions “supporting” Auggie and protests against any action of accountability. The three of them have called out for support (including students); recruited people to speak in front of the Board and write emails and letters to the Board. More people more have shunned away from their requests than have agreed to do their bidding but this is not obvious to most on-lookers.

Those who have decided to support Auggie have agreed because they have believed the piles of lies that they have been told by one of the three stooges: Romero, Toro, or Straub. By now it is obvious that not a single teacher out of the nearly 115 Pueblo teachers is involved in leading the Auggie-campaign. It is nurse Straub and counselor Toro (as in BULLshit) who have partnered with Auggie to defend his violations. (Toro is indebted to Auggie for the “flexibility” he has given her while she works on her Ph.D.. She spends hours upon hours working on research and papers while at work. All on TUSD time!) And the nurse has caused more ILL-will than she has helped heal. (One of the paybacks for her unwavering support has been the recent award she was given; she was nominated by Auggie.)

What the three have done is turned the whole grade-change violation (Auggie’s) into a blame game against the teacher whose grades were changed. She is the hero; not the culprit! Auggie is the villain in this story and his stooge partners are doing all they can to paint him as a leader. Toro and Straub are liars being led by the liar of liars.

Auggie has cheated his way into making Pueblo appear like the school is being managed. Discipline numbers are way down because he has done NOTHING with the discipline referrals he gets and because he plays with the numbers; shrinking them as far down as he can. One of his great advocates is the “data” person and she will do anything she is told to do by Auggie, without questioning a thing. AP numbers went up because he has enrolled students into classes who then exit back to gen. ed. classes. He keeps their enrollment in AP. (Sure, an investigation was conducted into this but the investigator took Auggie at his word along with the AP teachers who are desperate to keep their enrollment numbers up. The investigator did NOT look beyond his nose for any real evidence.) Failures are down for obvious reasons and the situation which was exposed is just one in a mountain of others.

The Auggie and his two stooges are the ones who planned the walk-in/out that was scheduled for Tuesday and then “postponed.” We wonder why Kristel Foster showed up at the school knowing that word had come down from 1010 to simmer things down. She just agitated things even more. This shows total disregard for what is in the best interest of students.

The Board has heard from a Pueblo parent by the name of Veronica Wheaton- supporting Auggie Romero and condemning the teacher who complained about having her grades changed. BUT is the Board aware that she is the sister of counselor Teresa Toro? The Board has heard from a student by the name of Cristian Javier Barbosa BUT is the Board aware that he is Teresa Toro’s nephew and Veronica Wheaton’s son? There is some strange stuff going on with Teresa’s nephew at Pueblo but in order to protect his confidentiality we have informed TUSD officials who we believe will be obligated to will look into our concerns.

We thought we would demonstrate just what a LIAR Auggie is. Remember when he stated the following on Pueblo’s Facebook? Auggie, it turns out, DID CHANGE THE GRADES OF 6 STUDENTS. He lied it about it and he also lied about all things that followed.

Pueblo High School

June 16, 2016

Message From Our Principal Augustine Romero:

Last night (6/14/16) on KGUN 9 On Your Side it was reported that I changed the grades of four seniors.

Channel 9 irresponsibly aired this report without first having a dialogue with me or receiving an official statement from our District. Equally important, is the fact that I didn’t change any grades.

The facts are: it was discovered that a substitute teacher was suppressing the curriculum; therefore, denying our students the opportunity to be successful. Upon this discovery, I contacted my supervisor to seek advice as to how to proceed. At that time all parties agreed that it was our responsibility to ensure that our students had full access to the curriculum and an equal opportunity to be successful.

The students in question were then provided access to the curriculum and given the opportunity to successfully complete their course. The four students in question submitted their work in a timely manner; this work was evaluated by a certified subject area teacher, and these students earned the points necessary to pass their class and to participate in Pueblo’s graduation ceremony.

It is important to note that as the principal of Pueblo Magnet High School it is my responsibility to remove any and all obstacles and/or unjust practices that deny our students the opportunity to be successful. This is greatly important to me because I know it is important to our parents, to our community, to our students, and to our Pueblo.