TUSD Whistleblowers call out rampant Grijalva nepotism in recent incompetent hires

We grant our permission to publish this letter and to distribute it widely.

63rd Open Letter

From:  TUSD Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Retired Administrators and Parents, Grandparents

Subject: ALL IN THE FAMILY; TUSD is Treated as an Employment Agency for the Corrupt: Shawna Rodriguez, Adelita Grijalva and Auggie Romero

Adelita Grijalva may have started a very brazen and unacceptable trend in TUSD. Her actions have made it perfectly all right to ignore all ethical norms and policies having to do with nepotism. (She is big in ignoring ethical standards and many TUSD policies when it serves her!). The public did not realize that she had voted to have her mother in-law, Olga Gomez, hired as a principal until it was already too late. She and HT Sanchez kept it a secret until Olga Gomez was hired. It was too late to do anything about it. Maybe.

We recall that it took a lot to convince HT Sanchez not to hire his wife, Mary Sanchez, as a principal. It was not his Board majority who warned him against such brash action. It was a few of his central administrators. This seems to be the only time anyone from the group stood up to him. Mary was already plenty presumptuous without making her an employee, and lots and lots of people could not imagine her actually being employed as a principal. She was furious when she learned about those who blocked her hiring. HT was happy that he had been saved from hiring her since it gave him greater freedom to do his fooling around. Remember, he brought lots of his Texan inner-circle to TUSD. They all turned out to be as incompetent as he was as Superintendent.

His corrupt ways has saturated TUSD with dishonesty and corruption. This is what happens when a Board member and the former supt. set the tone doing anything that is needed to get their way. Kristel Foster condones corruption. Her acceptance of a $5,000 campaign contribution exposed her. Sure she returned it but only because she was caught red-handed. Cam Juarez promised to return his illegal $5,000 contribution but never did. (Two sins.) Yet, Foster continued her unwavering support for him throughout the campaign. When you endorse someone who has done something corrupt, you are actually endorsing corruption.

Shortly after Gabriel Trujillo was appointed to the position of Superintendent, he made the decision to appoint Shawna Rodriquez as the permanent principal at Tucson High Magnet School. This was one of his first naïve mistakes. Shawna’s mother, Gloria Soto-Wilson, has been one of Shawna’s biggest cheerleaders, which is typical of all moms. But in this case, her closeness to the Grijalva family has translated into direct political influence in the hiring of her daughter. She even was responsible for having her daughter honored by Ben’s Bells without disclosing their relationship. How very cozy. How very dishonorable.


Shawna  had served as THMS interim principal since its former principal departed. (Ms. Karyle Green left largely due to HT Sanchez’ lack of direction and support for its high schools; especially THMS). Green kept Shawna in check while she was Principal. Shawna learned most of her mis-management skills from Clarice Clash. They were both very much part of the inside clique who tampered with discipline data to make THMS appear as though it was not suspending too many kids of color from school. It was disgusting! Clash’s deeds were exposed by a group of whistleblowers (not us) who worked at THMS. Some of them lost their jobs because of their efforts. A little of the history is outlined at: https://www.tucsonweekly.com/tucson/too-little-too-late/Content?oid=4007406

Shawna’s own lies and loyalty to Clash were responsible for the firing of one of the employees. She is a dishonest person ALL OF THE WAY AROUND and she is harming Tucson High Magnet School each day that she is allowed to continue as its principal.

As a sign of enormous gratitude to Trujillo, (Smack! Clear across his face!) Shawna decided that she would do just as her biggest mentor, Adelita, had done and hire her mother to work at THMS. Gloria Soto-Wilson works in the office at the school and throws. She obtained her position and was hired over a number of other individuals many of whom had more experience and were more qualified (within TUSD as well as other institutions).  Gloria throws her weight around as though she is second in command. Maybe she is. Why not go ahead and show Trujillo that she

(Shawna) is untouchable just like Auggie Romero, another fool who holds Adelita up on a pedestal. Shawna will do just about anything for her own self-preservation. Her mother is at the school to watch Shawna’s back. Nothing more. While Shawna attempts to load the school up with loyalists, as in the case of Auggie Romero at Pueblo, the school is coming unglued. Gloria uses “Soto” to throw people off of her identity or she uses “Wilson.” Nothing like having several names to steer people away from identifying her as Shawna’s mommy. What Soto or Wilson or Soto-Wilson does not do openly is admit that her daughter twisted HR rules to get her hired.

Speaking of Auggie Romero. Man without scruples.

Auggie’s niece was hired by him at Pueblo as a teacher: Betzi Castillo. His niece’s husband also teaches at Pueblo: Jesus Oruño. They, like many who he favors to keep in his loyal graces, are untouchable when it comes to holding them to the same standards as others who work at Pueblo.

This duplicates the protection that Adelita demonstrates in ensuring that Auggie’s job is protected, regardless of all the shame he has brought to TUSD.

Anyone who read Adelita’s most recent guest opinion in the Arizona Daily Star knows that Auggie Romero wrote the piece. Adelita is NO writer and everyone knows it! The two have the perfect quid pro quo relationship.

It is all in the family for all of these corrupt people who exploit their power and positions while helping to build more corruption. This is all being done with tax-dollar funding.

Betzi and Jesus are part of Auggie’s support base at Pueblo. He has chased away many of the strongest and best teachers and has replaced them with those who he is able to manipulate. These are the puppets who defend him every time he gets himself into hot water.  As long as he is at Pueblo- their incompetence is protected.

Dr. Trujillo, do you hear our Whistle? 


  1. Let’s close Sabino and make University open to all that apply, forget minimum grade requirements! That will make TUSD in compliance.
    If you dumb down the performing schools, it will look like the whole district is smarter!

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