Steve Bannon greeted by hundreds of protesters in Tucson (VIDEO)

President Trump’s former right-hand man and head of the white supremacist and alt-right Breitbart News, Steve Bannon, was in Tucson on November 18th, 2017. He was receiving an award from border patrol agents who use the name of a fallen agent to normalize xenophobia and anti-immigration policies in Southern Arizona.

There were hundreds of protesters which were kept on the north side of the road behind a barrier set up by police. On the other side were literally a handful of hateful conservatives spewing hate speech and threatening the “other side” with violence as the armed Bannonites yelled into their megaphone.

There were literally more cops on their side keeping the peace than there were of these angry conservatives who run the Presidency, the House and Senate, the Supreme Court and the Arizona state legislature, including every single statewide office in Arizona, and they were still the victims here?

At one point there were two clowns who came wearing backward-swastikas and they joined the conservative side of the protest as they marched with a Hitler salute the entire way. The angry conservatives who run the entire country were outraged and tried to get the cops to oust them, but who are cops to decide which “side” they should be on?

In reality, they were on the perfect side, joining the other clowns spewing “go back to Mexico” and “build the wall” ad infinitum. At this point I decided to join them with the FB Live video you can see below. Also notice how the Bannonites where yelling at the Tucson Police through their megaphones because they got mad at them also.

Shortly after the video above, they decided to leave and I walked with them as they walked back to their cars. They yelled at all the police along the way, saying that they were protecting these communists and socialists and law-breakers. They would shout that this is America, then started shouting that if Tucson ended up on the southern side of the “Wall” they would be fine with that.

They didn’t really have any sense.

After this, a marching band came by and the hundreds of protesters that remained took to the streets. They were blocking traffic, but with so many of them, the police just let them be. Video of this was captured by local activist Zaira Livier which you can see using the link below.

Meanwhile, inside the Marriott Starr Pass resort, which is now under a boycott, Bryan Sanders from American Babylon, was able to spot a hairy Sasquatch in the Tucson mountains last night. Actually, it turns out it was just Steve Bannon and you can view his confrontation with Trump’s hateful right-hand man below.