Massive protests in Tucson planned for Saturday visit by Steve Bannon at Starr Pass Marriott

Whenever I think of “deplorables” on the conservative side of the political spectrum, President Donald Trump’s former right-hand man Steve Bannon is the first image to pop into my head.

Saturday Night Live used to portray him as the Grim Reaper.

Bannon is to Trump what Karl Rove was to George Bush; not the older perverted man who is now facing the sixth groping allegation, the most recent one from a woman who alleges she was 16 years-old when she was groped, but his son King George the W who started two wars that continue to this day as our nation’s longest war.

Steve Bannon is one of the most despicable men in politics today, a leader of the racist “alt-right,” and a friend to the President and head of Breitbart News.

For being a racist pig and the person in charge of the epitome of “fake news,” the Brian Terry Foundation is honoring him with a “courage in journalism” award this Saturday in Tucson at the Starr Pass Marriott. Ironically, the resort originally decided it would be a good idea to be “bannon” news media from the Bannon event. They have since rescinded their ban and protests are being planned for this event that should be about honoring a fallen Border Patrol agent but has since become a vehicle to normalize anti-immigrant sentiment in the nation today.

Other recipients of this award include Blue Dog Dixiecrat Gabby Giffords who used a xenophobic article from the Tucson Weekly about a rancher named Rob Krentz who was killed.

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Tucson, on May 5 gave a copy of the Tucson Weekly to Secretary Janet Napolitano, telling her that a story on April 29 on illegal immigration lays out the situation very well.   She asked Napolitano, former governor of Arizona, to give the newspaper to President Obama.

The murderer of Krentz is still unknown, and although some locals believe it may have been a family member who had a recent dispute with Krentz, the Tucson Weekly and Giffords used to event to blame an unknown immigrant, and thus getting Congress to approve $500 million in additional spending on border security. The Brian Terry Foundation also honored Sue Krentz, the rancher’s wife, with the award.

Tim Steller from the Arizona Daily Star writes today:

Let’s be clear: Bannon is not a journalist. I doubt that even he would consider himself a journalist. He is a propagandist for the conservative-populist-nationalist movement that he considers the way forward for America. He pushes that agenda on various platforms — film, speeches, political campaigns. One of them, sometimes, is journalism, or a facsimile thereof.

Breitbart News was not a leader among the organizations that broke the stories on Operation Fast and Furious in 2011. The leaders were a mixture of mainstream news organizations and conservative bloggers. I remember, because I covered the story that year for the Star.

Bannon, it should be added, wasn’t even running Breitbart News in 2011. Founder Andrew Breitbart ran it until he died unexpectedly in March 2012. That’s when Bannon took over and, yes, later published stories that kept the Operation Fast and Furious story alive.

“What Breitbart did, was when the mainstream media began to not cover the Operation Fast and Furious scandal, that’s when Breitbart started covering,” Heyer said.

It’s true — Breitbart did continue to publish stories on Operation Fast and Furious in the years after the story eased out of the national news. In that sense, Bannon did help hold the Obama administration to account. But to understand why Breitbart published those stories, you have to understand that Bannon is trying to lead a political movement.

The xenophobic message that the Foundation is spreading has crossed the line with many activists in Tucson who are planning a huge protest against Steve Bannon visit to Tucson this weekend.

Border Patrol officers are giving Steve Bannon a journalism award at the Marriott Starr Pass Resort on November 18, 2017.

  • Protest border patrol officers giving Steve Bannon an award for “courageous journalism”
    • Say no to Bannon and the alt-right’s scapegoating of immigrants, people of color, women, LGBTQI and Jews.
    • Present the “real awards” that we think Bannon deserves
    • A united community fights back
    • This is a safe and peaceful action to demonstrate our opposition to white supremacy, hatred, bigotry and misogyny.
Starr Pass is the only road in or out of the resort.

Nestled into the Tucson Mountains, the Starr Pass Marriott has only one road in and out, and the protests will take place at a point that will be unavoidable for Bannon and guests who will be listening to Bannon spew his racist garbage.

Even Congressman Raul Grijalva is weighing in on Bannon’s visit:

Steve Bannon’s white nationalist ideas will never be welcome in Tucson, and we must remain vigilant in fighting the spread of hatred in our home.

This Saturday the activist party will be at Starr Pass. Show up to find out if Steve Bannon can even make it into the resort despite a road blockage and if the Tucson Police will continue their historical pattern of physical abuse against activists.

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