Whistleblowers: Personal Pettiness on TUSD board perpetuate Pueblo problematic principal as Hicks saves Auggie Romero

Auggie insists that things have improved at Pueblo. He has pages and pages of rhetoric which he uses to convince people of the great improvements he has made at Pueblo. It is all manure. He knows it is all a lie but he is a convincing liar so he continues. He also knows how to cheat and manipulate numbers so that he can distort the facts to his benefit.

Have things gotten better at Pueblo? Well, if you like the lack of accountability; yes.

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Senate Pauses Jackson’s Confirmation Hearing After Misconduct Claims

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Senators are delaying the confirmation hearing of Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson as head of the Veterans Affairs Department following allegations of improper conduct.

It isn’t clear what those allegations are or who lodged them, but both Republican and Democratic senators were concerned enough to press pause on Wednesday’s confirmation hearing.

On the issue, Sen. Richard Blumenthal said, “I’m not going to comment on any of the specifics, except to say we’re going to be doing very close and careful scrutiny.”

Jackson is President Donald Trump’s pick to replace former V.A. Secretary David Shulkin, who left the position last month.

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Colorado Bill Proposes Fines Or Jail Time For Teachers Who Strike

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Colorado public school teachers who decide to go on strike could be thrown in jail if a new bill becomes a law.

State Rep. Paul Lundeen and Sen. Bob Gardner, both Republicans, are sponsoring the Prohibit Public School Teacher Strikes bill. Gardner said that during school hours, teachers are expected to teach.

The bill authorizes public school employers to seek an injunction in the event of a strike. If the teachers on strike don’t comply with the injunction they could be fined, put in jail for up to six months, or both.

The bill would also cut off paychecks for striking teachers and let schools fire strikers “immediately.”

The proposal comes amid protests by teachers across the country calling for better pay and more school funding. Colorado teachers are planning to walk out later this week.

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Florida Awarded $1Million For Parkland Shooting Response

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The Justice Department just awarded Florida law enforcement and first responders a $1 million grant.

A press release out Monday said it’s to pay salary and overtime expenses for those who came to the scene at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the February shooting. Florida accrued millions of dollars in expenses responding to the tragedy. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Florida’s “community and law enforcement at all levels have shown resilience and determination.” 

Some, however, are much less complimentary of Florida officials’ response. A former Broward County deputy resigned following backlash for choosing not to enter the school during the shooting. 

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has also been criticized for failing to follow up on tips saying the shooter was a threat. 

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