Whistleblowers: Personal Pettiness on TUSD board perpetuate Pueblo problematic principal as Hicks saves Auggie Romero

Auggie insists that things have improved at Pueblo. He has pages and pages of rhetoric which he uses to convince people of the great improvements he has made at Pueblo. It is all manure. He knows it is all a lie but he is a convincing liar so he continues. He also knows how to cheat and manipulate numbers so that he can distort the facts to his benefit.

Have things gotten better at Pueblo? Well, if you like the lack of accountability; yes.

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Is The Trump-Macron Bromance On?

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Something viral seems to come out of every meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron — at least when the cameras are rolling.  

So get ready for another round as Trump hosts Macron and his wife in the White House. Besides being the first world leader Trump has invited for an official state visit, the young French president will also be the first head of state to address a joint session of Congress since Trump’s election.

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All of this obviously leads to one very crucial question: Is the Trump-Macron bromance on? To find out, we sat down with Charles Lipson, a political science professor at the University of Chicago.

Besides dissecting the Trump-Macron relationship, Lipson also explained how the relationship between the U.S. and France has improved since the “freedom fries” era and why France is considered America’s oldest ally. 

NEWSY’S BEN SCHAMISSO: Beyond those viral moments, beyond the long handshakes, what is it in terms of policy that these two have in common? 

CHARLES LIPSON: Trump, for all of his nationalism and all of that in many ways, is behaving like a conventional Republican president: You cut taxes, and you deregulate.

SCHAMISSO: And that’s an area where they will see eye to eye?

LIPSON: Right, and you have a strong military. Only Britain and France are actually willing to use force beyond their borders. And we do see that in the Middle East, especially with regard to Syria — not only a common sense of policy but also a willingness to pay a price to do that.

I think the other part is that Trump is looking for a primary European ally. If he’s not going to be dealing primarily with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Britain is pulling out of the EU — who’s really his best option? I would say Macron.

What I don’t know, I think, is how Macron thinks the EU should behave with respect to the U.S. on major issues, like trade and competition policy.

Final point: I think that he probably thinks of Macron as a disrupter like himself.

SCHAMISSO: Trump sees a bit of himself in Macron?

LIPSON: They’re both people who, in a sense, came from the outside and built their own party.

The one thing I would guard against: Most of the time when you see a relationship that’s positive or negative, you think it will last. In Trump’s case, he can turn on a dime. But I suspect he really does want a strongly positive relationship and sees that with him in a way that he might not see with another young leader, which would be, say, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Because Trudeau governs from the left, whereas Macron governs from the center-right. No more freedom fries.”

SCHAMISSO: Freedom fries are just a thing of the past?

LIPSON: Well, first of all, it was ridiculous when we renamed french fries as freedom fries. When the United States went into Iraq under George Bush, France didn’t just oppose it; it publicly opposed it and went around the world trying to gather an anti-American coalition. Turns out, France was right, yeah, but you can imagine it wasn’t just that George W. Bush who didn’t appreciate it. Americans took that as not a friendly effort. If you were to say “freedom fries” today, people would just laugh.


SCHAMISSO: “France is our oldest ally”: You hear that from every American president. Is it accurate, and where does it come from?

LIPSON: When George Washington defeated the British at Yorktown, he did so with the crucial aid of the French Navy and, to some extent, French armed forces on the ground. I would say that none of that is carried down to a modern American. When we say France is America’s oldest ally, most Americans would take that is breaking news. They just wouldn’t know.

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Southwest Cancels Dozens Of Flights For Engine Inspections

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Southwest Airlines canceled dozens of flights to conduct engine fan blade inspections on its aircraft.

The company said in a statement it canceled about 40 out of almost 4,000 planned flights Sunday due to the inspections.

Southwest said the cancellations were part of a “voluntary, accelerated engine fan blade inspection program” — not inspections ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Last week, a Southwest flight had to make an emergency landing after a fan blade in the engine broke off and shrapnel shattered a window. One woman died after being transported to a hospital.

Southwest said it’s performing these engine inspections “out of an abundance of caution.” They’re expected to be completed in a few weeks.

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Macron Could Really Use A Win From His State Visit To The US

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French President Emmanuel Macron is facing more and more resistance at home. But the embattled leader could score a win during his first state visit to the U.S. — by swaying President Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy.

The date likely to be at the forefront of Macron’s mind is May 12. That’s Trump’s self-imposed deadline for deciding whether or not to leave the international deal constraining Iran’s nuclear program.

Trump’s demanded significant changes to the deal, but he probably won’t get them. Convincing Trump to uphold the agreement anyway would be a diplomatic coup for Macron.

A more immediate deadline comes May 1, when Trump has to decide if he’ll keep exempting the European Union from his steel and aluminum tariffs.

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Macron is reportedly teaming up with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to convince Trump not to implement the tariffs. Securing that exemption would give Macron a clear example of how his close relationship with Trump has paid off for France.

And Macron could really use the win: He’s currently facing mass labor strikes over his planned reforms, and his party recently splintered over a controversial immigration bill. A diplomatic victory with the U.S. could help tamp down some of that dissent.

But Macron also has to be careful how he uses his relationship with Trump to score points. After the U.S. and France teamed up to carry out airstrikes in Syria, Macron fended off a tough TV interview by saying he’d convinced Trump to get more involved in Syria. He later walked back those comments after pushback from the White House.

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Sears Isn’t Doing Too Well — But It Could Get Some Help

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Struggling department store chain Sears could be getting a little help.

A hedge fund owned by Sears CEO Eddie Lampert offered to buy the store’s Kenmore brand, as well as some other assets that have been on the market for about two years.  

In an offer letter, Lampert said the purchase would help the company financially.

The hedge fund, ESL Investments, already holds more than 70 percent of Sears Holdings’ shares. 

Sears hasn’t been profitable in almost a decade — it has reportedly lost around $10.8 billion since 2010. The retailer has closed stores and cut costs in recent years in an effort to stay afloat. 

Lampert also offered to buy the company’s home service and parts businesses. He valued those entities at $500 million but didn’t say what Kenmore was worth. 

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.

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World’s First Off-Grid Town Will Grow Its Own Food, Live Off-Grid, And Handle Its Own Waste

It’s no secret that today’s aggressive agricultural techniques can take a heavy toll on the environment, both on the land used for crops and livestock, and in the surrounding atmosphere. But a new vision of a more sustainable ‘integrated neighbourhood’ community is being implemented in the Netherlands, with the first of a series of high-tech farm villages […]

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Goldman Sachs Study: “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?”

A drug giant turns over its pipeline of miracle drugs to a startup. An analyst at Goldman Sachs asked a troubling question this week about gene therapy. “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” In social media, reactions were quick and sharp. “Cold and immoral.” “Capitalism at its finest.” But the Goldman analyst has a point. It’s […]

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Barack Obama To Give Lecture In South Africa To Honor Nelson Mandela

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Former President Barack Obama will speak at an event in South Africa to mark what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Obama Foundation said Monday the former U.S. president will give a lecture in Johannesburg this July.

The two foundations said Obama’s lecture will focus on “creating conditions for bridging divides, working across ideological lines, and resisting oppression and inequality.”

Obama has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since he left office. But he has made several appearances on behalf of his foundation.

And he’s met with leaders from China, France, Canada and Australia.

About 4,000 people are expected to attend Obama’s Mandela lecture.

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